Environmental Management System

We at Falcon are proud to have achieved certification to the new ISO 14001:2015 standard. We ensure that we remain compliant with current and emerging legislation and the latest best practice guidelines are incorporated into our approach to the environment. We also work very closely with the environmental team at Breckland council.

Health and Safety Management System

Our OHSAS 18001 certified health and safety management system ensures that processes are followed to minimise risk. It sets out the core standards that must be followed by employees. The safety credentials of our suppliers and subcontractors are scrutinised and assessed, and the competency of all staff is maintained through delivery of comprehensive training tailored to the individual’s role (as set out in our training matrix). 
We are currently working to upgrade our certification to the new OHSAS 45001.

Quality management System

Falcon has had ISO 9001 since 2007 and we have recently been awarded the 2015 standard. This accreditation helps our organisation ensure that our customers consistently receive high quality products and services, which in turn brings many benefits, including satisfied customers, management, and employees.
Our Quality management system has a stronger customer focus, which our business benefits from. Consistently providing customers with high quality products and services. The process of continual improvement ensures our business becomes more efficient, reduces errors and maintains a high standard of service delivery and helps us comply with many regulatory requirements.