Transport & Logistics

Ranging from Mercedes Actros to Volvo FH500 units, our fleet of nine vehicles are fitted with Euro 6 engines, 360° observation cameras & warning sensors. Five units of the fleet are also fitted with Hydrauliska Industri AB (HIAB) FASSI crane units, some of which have the ability to lift 3 tonnes at 16m radius.

Our articulated vehicles are equipped with interchangeable trailers, ranging from 10m to 13.6m, and can also be fitted with our low loader trailers which can be extended to 20m, via a flip toe ram, to accommodate self-erecting tower cranes. Not only do we pride ourselves on our fleet of vehicles, but also our crew of ADR certified drivers who are fully trained and given a comprehensive induction & driving assessment from our in-house training department.

All of our drivers are given continual development training throughout the year, maintaining a high level of competency & allowing us to keep health and safety paramount to our company.

Our FORS Gold accredited Falcon Freight Services branch of the company has a vast array of transportation to accommodate any and all operations, no matter the complexity or size of the task.

Our vehicles are designed not just for the transportation of tower crane components, but also for specialist items such as test weights. Our fleet is also available for hire, with drivers, for general haulage with the ability to operate both in the UK and on the Continent.