Saddle Jib Tower Cranes

Saddle jib cranes offer many benefits, generally cheaper to hire than a luffing equivalent, quicker operation, lower power and easier to erect and dismantle. They can be placed onto a ballast base or fixing angles and climbed to great heights if required. We can also free stand certain models of crane in excess of 100m due to our extensive stock of heavy mast sections allowing your site to complete the building to full height without the need to climb the crane mechanically and have crane ties attached to their structure, Saving time and money.

Please be aware a fixed jib can over sail neighbouring properties, sometimes causing issue and the need to gain permission to do so. This can lead to expensive claims against your company. Saddle jib cranes need to rotate with the wind when not in service.

A site survey by FTCS Ltd to ascertain the exact nature of your requirements and whether this is likely to be an issue is recommended. We can then advise you whether this type of crane is the most suitable and cost effective solution for your contract.

We have a large and varied fleet of cranes and are sure to be able to match one to your needs and budget.