Luffing Jib Tower Cranes

Luffing jib cranes have many benefits and are widely used in cities and congested areas. You are able to get multiple cranes onto sites and avoid over sail situations with neighboring properties. This means costly licences would not be necessary.

Luffing jib cranes can be placed on fixing angles or ballast bases and can be erected and climbed to great heights. With our exclusive ‘park radius device’ our Jaso luffing jib cranes can all be parked at vastly reduced radius when out of service.

This means that you could add another crane to a job to increase productivity where you might not otherwise be able to do so. Also perhaps cranes could be located outside a building, still avoiding over sail and enabling you to achieve a watertight structure sooner.

Luffing cranes can be fitted with Zoning devices to electronically limit against over sailing important or dangerous structures adjacent to site. This can include schools, public area's or main highways and they are usually mandatory next to railway and electrical installations.

We recommend visiting site or your premises at planning to advise on the most cost effective and efficient crane for your particular project.