Falcon provides a range of generator services to suit your needs as a customer. From hire & sales to generator servicing , we are set up to be the one stop shop in generators.

Our fleet of diesel generators, range from 45kva to 300kva. We currently run around 60 machines, shortly expanding to in excess of 100 machines. We are also offering a range of large bunded fuel tanks to be used with your generator.

Falcon’s Hybrid Power Solutions

These units deliver on both cost savings and additional cuts in CO2 emissions, just like a hybrid car but on a larger scale. The principle is that the generator charges the hybrid part of the system whilst it is in normal operation. This enables the project to switch on to stored battery power for lighting and advertising once the site closes. This eliminates noise at night and reduces engine running time and, hence, fuel consumption.

Fuel management and 24 hours GPS monitoring

Our fleet of bunded fuel tanks range from 450l to 3000l and, on request, can be fitted with telemetry equipment to maintain, control and monitor fuel consumption 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It can also monitor the current CO2 emissions, fuel savings, battery duration and engine run time saved.
With this system in place fuel replenishment can be remotely monitored and delivery arranged to avoid fuel shortage.

Applications include, but are not limited to:
  • Tower crane aviation lights
  • Small cabin set-ups
  • Security lighting and CCTV systems 
  • Communications and wireless access points 
  • IT and medical equipment
  • Environmental monitoring equipment
  • PA systems