We like to help and get involved in a wide range of events and activities in our local areas. We feel strongly about being part of the community and taking a focal role when it comes to sponsoring or just simply getting involved! It is our responsibility and our duty to ensure that our local community can count on us to support. encourage and engage with them. See below for our most recent activities in the local area.

Pocklington Crane Christmas Lights

Back in late November we received an email from a resident in Pocklingdon. They explained that the crane in their village was very much part of their community and the people had very much taken the crane "under our wing". They mentioned that it would be fantastic to see the crane lit up and decorated for Christmas and asked whether or not this could be possible.

In less that 3 weeks, the crane was set and ready with multi-coloured lights up and down the jib with more lights around the cabin and to finish off, our LED signs displayed Christmas messages to the residents of Pocklington. It just goes to show that Falcon will always go the extra mile.

Shipdham Christmas Tree Festival

For Christmas 2017, Falcon were the sponsors of Shipdhams annual Christmas Tree Festival. We were very proud to be sponsors of this Christmas festival and as ever we were delighted to be affiliated with more local events.